Fontana Heights

  • Property Type: Apartment
  • Renovation and Soft Furnishings: Full Home
  • Location: Singapore


Light renovation and soft furnishings for a four-bedroom, four-bath apartment in Singapore. We kept the apartment’s existing layout, but did a gut renovation of the kitchen and yard, large balcony, and raised the ceiling heights in the public spaces. A fun and eco-friendly challenge in this project was to re-use as much of the existing bones as possible, for example wallpapering all the built-in wardrobe doors rather than remaking them.


The starting point for the design and colours in the main living areas of the apartment was the stunning De Gournay scenic wallpaper we used in the sitting room with its deep blues, oranges and reds which are echoed throughout the home. The client’s existing pieces were incorporated into the scheme, along with new antique and vintage additions. Great attention was paid to the finishes of this project, from the wicker panelling in the living room, to various gloss-painted or wallpapered ceilings in various rooms, to the blue ribbon framing the walls of the family room.


A young family with two preschool children.