Devon Cottage

  • Property Type : Devon Cottage
  • Soft Furnishings and Light Renovation
  • Location: United Kingdom


The aim was to make use of as much as we could within the cottage so we repainted the carpentry and made minor adjustments.   In the bathrooms we overlaid the tiles and made cosmetic changes such as decoratively painting the floorboards and painting the woodwork.  We completed the full soft furnishings throughout.


This is a 17th Century cottage in Devon. We wanted the interiors to be cosy and eclectic and to be sympathetic to the age of the cottage.  We mixed old with new and sourced a lot of the antiques in auctions from around the UK.  The cottage is a little jewel box, with each room a different colour scheme full of patterns and layers.  The cottage is quirky with uneven old cob walls and sloping ancient flagstone floors and we wanted the interiors to be in harmony with this.


A family with three young children.